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Saturday, 16 January 2021
Times are in Eastern Standard Time

10:00–10:15 am
(15:00–15:15 GMT)
(16:00–16:15 CET)
Welcome and Introductions
Cynthia Comella, MD (USA) (bio)
10:15–10:45 am
(15:15–15:45 GMT)
(16:15–16:45 CET)
Targeting Botulinum Toxin to Distal Sites and Diverse Nerve Terminals
Matteo Caleo, PhD (Italy) (bio)
10:45–11:15 am
(15:45–16:15 GMT)
(16:45–17:15 CET)
Receptor Interactions of Botulinum Toxin: The “Sweet” Spots of BoNT/A and BoNT/E
Rongsheng Jin, PhD (USA) (bio)
11:15–11:45 am
(16:15–16:45 GMT)
(17:15–17:45 CET)
Basis of Movement Control and Why Botulinum Toxin Should Influence It
Alfredo Berardelli, MD (Italy) (bio)
11:45 am–12:05 pm
(16:45–17:05 GMT)
(17:45–18:05 CET)
12:05–1:50 pm
(17:05–18:50 GMT)
(18:05–19:50 CET)
Guidance, Localization, Optimal Placement of Botulinum Toxin: What Works Best? Moderator – Cynthia Comella, MD (USA) (bio)
Adult & Pediatric Spasticity – Katharine Alter, MD (USA) (bio)
Cervical Dystonia – Richard Barbano, MD (USA) (bio)
Limb Dystonia & Tremor – David Simpson, MD (USA) (bio)
1:50–2:20 pm
(18:50–19:20 GMT)
(19:50–20:20 CET)
Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin: Duration, Clinical Implications, and Uses
Nowell Solish, MD (Canada) (bio)
2:20–2:30 pm
(19:20–19:30 GMT)
(20:20–20:30 CET)
Closing Remarks
David Simpson, MD (USA) (bio)


Sunday, 17 January 2021
Times are in Eastern Standard Time

10:00 am–2:00 pm
(15:00–19:00 GMT)
(16:00–20:00 CET)
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