Abstract Presentation Details & Poster Awards

The TOXINS 2021 Virtual Conference will feature a Virtual Poster Hall with the accepted abstracts on display for viewing and where abstract authors will be able to submit a PDF of, and/or 10-minute presentation of their poster (using slides with audio and/or video). Abstract authors will also have the option to provide their email addresses for conference attendees to contact them. Your presentation can be slides (max of 5) and/or a poster (landscape or portrait) with audio and/or video, all optional. Conference attendees will have access to the virtual conference hall for 60 days post-conference.

Encore abstracts are acceptable, but abstract(s) submitted for TOXINS 2021 Virtual Conference cannot be resubmitted for TOXINS 2022 unless the data has been updated.  The presentations are not downloadable.

Please note that all abstract(s)/posters(s) must be unbranded. The Conflict of Interest statement needs to include the supporting company, institution, etc.


Abstract/Poster Awards

Fellows, Residents and Early Career attendees may submit their abstracts for consideration for the Abstract Poster Awards. To be eligible, applicants must currently be in training or within 5 years of completing formal course work/training (ie, PhD, master’s program, residency, or fellowship). The winners of the Abstract Poster Awards will be selected by the TOXINS Organizing Committee prior to the conference and will be announced on the INA website and featured prominently in the Virtual Poster Hall. Award winners will receive free registration to the in-person TOXINS conference to be held in 2022.


Virtual Posters

Once your abstract has been accepted, and prior to the virtual conference, the organizing committee will choose 3-clinical and 3-basic science abstract winners. The winners will be announced on the INA website and featured prominently in the Virtual Poster Hall. Winners will receive free registration at TOXINS 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

If you wish to have your presentation posted in the Virtual Poster Hall, please send high-quality PDFs of your slides and/or poster, and an MP3 of your audio and/or MP4 of your video to info@neurotoxins.org before 21 December 2020. The subject line or your email should read “Virtual Poster Hall”. Include your name, provided code in the file name.

The Virtual Poster Hall opens on16 January 2021. If you do not attend the virtual conference, then you must register to access the virtual poster hall.

Web-Ready PDF Requirements

  • The PDF file size should be a maximum of 2MB in size
  • One page (either landscape or portrait) 200 KB
  • Photoshop should be a minimum of 200dpi
  • Slides (PDF Format) (Max of 5 slides are recommended) is approximately 300 KB


  • MP4: H264 Video, AAC Audio, 720p


  • MP3, Stereo
  • Maximum 10 minutes is approximately 1 MB


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