Welcome to the INA Injector Preceptorship Program

This preceptorship program is designed for injectors of all levels of experience – from novice to expert.

Learn and/or improve your injection skills using botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT)

In your current area of clinical focus OR Expand your injection skills to additional clinical conditions.

Preceptorship available for:

Adult and pediatric spasticity movement disorders including cervical dystonia, focal limb dystonia, and tremor headache sialorrhea hyperhidrosis cosmetic use overactive bladder and urinary incontinence

Registration for this certified CME program will open June 1, 2023.
Submit your request now to be one of the first to register for an INA preceptorship.

Tailor the learning experience to your specific needs

  • Defining your learning goals
  • Selecting a mentor in your area (location/geography) and/or known for a specific clinical expertise
  • Observing the mentor in their “real world” clinical environment assessing and injecting their patients

Please note at this time the program is for US Clinicians only.
It will expand internationally in 2024.

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