Toxins 2017

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the International Neurotoxin Association (INA) and its Conference Organizing Committee, I am pleased to announce that the next international conference—TOXINS 2017: Basic Science and Clinical Aspects of Botulinum and Other Neurotoxins—will be held 18-21 January, 2017, in Madrid, Spain.

The second international conference, TOXINS 2015, was an outstanding success and was attended by 752 participants representing clinicians and scientists from 45 countries. A highlight of TOXINS 2015 was the presentation of two Lifetime Achievement Awards for significant contributions to the science and clinical application of botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs). One was presented to Alan B. Scott, MD, for botulinum toxin development and use in the treatment of strabismus. The other was a posthumous award to Edward J. Schantz, PhD, for his achievements in clarifying the understanding of the toxicity and properties of BoNT complexes and purified BoNT.

The proceedings from the Highlights of the TOXINS 2015 Meeting are available in the Toxicon Journal, Volume 107, Part A, 1 December 2015.

The TOXINS 2017 scientific program will feature plenary session presentations on the latest developments in the science and therapeutic practice of neurotoxins, basic science and clinical didactic tracks, poster sessions, and a number of practical workshops. The program will be of interest to basic scientists and clinicians in the fields of neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, urology, dermatology, gastroenterology, and pain management.

I look forward to sharing more details of the conference with you in the near future, and hope you will join us in Madrid for TOXINS 2017.

Alberto Albanese, MD
TOXINS 2017 Organizing Committee


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