Sponsorship/Exhibitor Opportunities

The Exhibit Hall is an integral part of the TOXINS 2021 conference, offering exhibitors, both neurotoxin and non-neurotoxin related, the opportunity to share with meeting attendees information on the most innovative and exciting advances in research and uses of neurotoxins.

Exhibitors interested in participating should review the prospectus. Click the button below to download the PDF.


Exhibitor Stand Packages

If you are looking for additional services that are not included the standard package, a design team is happy to assist you. Please contact Roger Nojd at roger.nojd@svenskamassan.se.

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Exhibitor’s Booth Supply Order Form

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Meeting Room Request

If your group is interested in securing meeting space during TOXINS 2021, please download and complete the application and email to groups@neurotoxins.org.

INA policy allows exhibiting companies and nonprofit organizations to host events during TOXINS 2021, but places limits on the times and venues of these events. Entertainment, meetings or similar activities will not be permitted without prior INA approval.

The INA must review and approve ANY event affecting TOXINS 2021 meeting attendees and faculty during the inclusive dates of the conference before promotion and implementation of the event can occur, whether it is being held at INA-contracted facilities or otherwise.

Once your request has been approved by the International Neurotoxin Association, Gothia Towers will contact you for further details to confirm your request and provide a contract.

Sponsors must comply with all applicable European, national, and local laws and guidances.

Meeting Room Request Form (PDF)


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