Shipping, Storage, and Exhibitor’s Catalogue

Shipping to the Estrel

The Estrel does not have large storage capacities.

Please coordinate with their logistics partner for the delivery and collection of equipment/materials, who will deliver it to the Estrel accordingly on the set-up day. The Estrel can arrange the delivery and collection details with them.


Mike Penkert
Domestic Fairs & Exhibitions

Schenker Deutschland AG
Branch Office Berlin
Fairs, Events and Special Logistics
Servicegebäude Süd/Tor 25
Jafféstraße 2
14055 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 3012995-442
Fax: +49 30 3012995-8442

Delivery and Collection of Event Materials

Please send documents and materials no more than 2 working days prior to the start of the event to the following address:

Sonnenallee 225
12057 Berlin

Please mark your delivery with the following information:
Event Name
Contact person onsite from your organization
Name of main function space

Please let us know in a timely fashion of your delivery and storage needs.

In the event increased logistical coordination is required, as in the case of pallets, for example, we reserve the right to charge a logistics fee of EUR 150.00. If you would like an earlier delivery date, please contact us. Charges may apply. Storage required more than 72 hours prior to the start of the event is charged at a rate of EUR 50.00 per square meter per day.

Collection / Retour of Event Materials

Documents and materials can be stored in the Estrel Congress Center for a maximum of 2 working days after the end of the event. In the case of prolonged storage, charges may apply. Storage over 48 hours after the end of the event is charged at EUR 50.00 per sqm per day. Please inform in time of the event when and with which courier service the materials will be collected. It is not possible for the Estrel Congress Center to coordinate the retour of your event materials on your behalf.

Exhibitor’s Online Service Catalogue

As an exhibitor, you can log in to the ECC Berlin Exhibitor Service Center at LINK (or via the QR code at the bottom of this page) and order the required services for the International Neurotoxin Association TOXINS 2024 Conference.

If it is the first time at our Exhibitor Service Center, please follow the registration steps as follows:

  1. Open the link. The sign in page opens in your browser.
  2. Change the language setting in the upper right corner to your language
  3. Click “I have never registered | Sign up” to start the registration process
  4. Please fill in the online form with the requested mandatory fields (*) and check the data protection regulations.
  5. Click “save” and the account will be created at the back office of the Exhibitor Service Center
  6. You can now log into the Exhibitor Service Center using your e-mail address and the chosen password.
  7. Please fill out the stand/booth number and the size of the stand/booth (both mandatory fields).
  8. You can now order the required services for the exhibition and add them to the shopping cart. It is possible to pay with credit card or via bank transfer.
  9. An automatic order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. Please note that during this process the credit card will be charged right away with the total amount. If you have chosen bank transfer, a proforma invoice will be sent in a separate e-mail.


Visit Exhibitor Service Center

If you have already registered in the past, your data is already saved in our system. In that case, please use the option “Forgot your password?”. An email will follow with instructions to reset the password.

If you have ordered services for booth “A”, please click on “Place another order” after completing the order. On the start page, please select “Order services for another booth” at the top left under your booth number and then register for booth “B” using the other booth number.

Please note that the order deadline will be 01.12.2023. Afterwards, a surcharge of 15% will be applied on all orders.

In case of questions please contact:

Laura Meier
Junior Project Manager Events
Tel.: +49 30 6831 22570

Booth sizes
1.5 x 3m = 4,5 m²
5 x 8m = 40m²

Table Top
6ft = 1.8m banquet table

Exhibit Hours
Thursday, 18 January – 7:30–8:30 • 10:30–11:00 • Noon–14:00 • 15:30–16:15
Friday, 19 January – 7:30–8:30 • 10:30–11:00 • Noon–14:00 • 15:30–16:15
Saturday, 20 January – 7:30–9:00

Exhibitor Service Center

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