Board of Directors Elections

International Neurotoxin Association (INA) 2022 Elections

The members’ meeting and elections of the INA Board of Directors will be held on Friday, July 29th from 7:15 am – 8:15 am in Carondolet Room on the 3rd floor of the New Orleans Marriott.

The following slate of INA officers and at-large-directors was submitted by the nominating committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

The final ballot below is for the election of three (3) Officers and six (6) At-Large Directors.

President-elect Katharine Alter USA 2024
Secretary Andreas Rummel Germany 2024
Treasurer Cindy Ivanhoe USA 2024
At-Large Directors Min Dong USA 2026
Sabine Pellett USA 2026
Raymond Rosales Philippines 2026
Giampietro Schiavo UK 2026
Marie Vidailhet France 2026
Jörg Wissel Germany 2926

Additional candidates may be nominated by written petition and signed by twenty-five (25) Active or Associate INA Members.  Please send your written petition to the INA Secretariat no later than July 6th.



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