Sabine Pellett, PhD

Dr. Sabine Pellett leads the lab studying Clostridium botulinum and botulinum neurotoxins in the Bacteriology Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is affiliated with the Food Research Institute at the university. She is continuing the historic botulinum neurotoxin research originating from this university, which produced the first therapeutic botulinum neurotoxin product. Dr. Pellett has authored or coauthored over 55 peer-reviewed publications, including book chapters, on botulinum neurotoxins and has received several National Institutes of Health research grants.

Research in the Pellett lab focuses on functional characterizations of existing and novel botulinum neurotoxins; determining the molecular mechanisms of neuronal cell intoxication by the various botulinum neurotoxins; mechanisms controlling botulinum neurotoxin production in C. botulinum; food safety studies; and development of recombinant protein vaccines. Dr. Pellett has served as Scientific Sub-Committee Co-Chair of the TOXINS 2019 Conference and Scientific Sub-Committee Chair of both the Virtual TOXINS 2021 and the in-person TOXINS 2022 Conferences.

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