Marie Vidailhet, MD

Marie Vidailhet is Professor of Neurology in Salpêtrière Hospital, Sorbonne University, Paris, France. She has a long-standing interest in movement disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and dystonia in clinical practice (through the National Reference Center for Dystonia and the European Refence Network [ERN]) and research—from pathophysiology to experimental therapeutics. Within her research group at the ICM Brain & Spine Institute she has contributed to the understanding of the pathophysiology of dystonia and other, rare movement disorders and to the development of therapeutic approaches (eg, deep brain stimulation in dystonia; noninvasive stimulation in tremor).

Dr. Vidailhet has always been actively involved in movement disorders at both the national and international levels. She is active in the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS) and has served as a member of its International Executive Committee, By Laws Committee, and Program Committee.

She was a member of the local organizing committee for the international MDS conference in Nice in 2019, and has served as Secretary of the MDS European Section (MDS-ES) and as faculty at the international MDS conferences and the Winter and Summer MDS-ES courses.

Dr. Vidailhet was appointed to the MDS Mentorship Program and was chosen to present the Presidential Lecture (Stanley Fahn Lecture) at the Hong Kong international conference in 2018. She is also involved at the European level as a Fellow of the European Neurological Society and a Member of the European Academy of Neurology board. She is also part of the European Refence Network and a member of the Dystonia Coalition.

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