Jörg Wissel, MD, FRCP

Dr. Jörg Wissel is Head of Neurorehabilitation and Physical Therapy at Vivantes Clinic Spandau in Berlin, Germany. He is also on the faculty at the University of Potsdam and a Professor in Sports Medicine, Clinical Exercise, and Rehabilitation Science at Brandenburg Health Campus in Potsdam, Germany.

Dr. Wissel is a board-certified Neurologist. He did his residency at Charité-University Medicine Berlin and a fellowship at Baylor College in Houston, Texas, specializing in neurorehabilitation, movement disorders, and botulinum neurotoxin therapy. He completed postdoctoral work in neurology at Innsbruck University in Austria, on “The use of Botulinum Toxin in Movement Disorders”.

Dr. Wissel has authored more than 125 original publications. He is past chairman of the German Botulinum Toxin User Group of the German Society of Neurology. He is a member of the board of the German Neurorehabilitation Society and a member of the German, Austrian, and various international professional societies and guideline committees, summer schools, and teaching programs on dystonia, spasticity management, and clinical pathways in stroke rehabilitation.

Dr. Wissel is also an honorary member of the Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

For over 20 years Dr. Wissel has operated an outpatient botulinum toxin clinic in Berlin where he conducts about two thousand clinical visits per year. He is a co-founder and member of Child & Brain GmbH, a company that is engaged in education of multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams that use botulinum toxin therapy. He has also developed Muscle Ultrasound Course, an open-source app, which is used by some five thousand botulinum toxin injectors worldwide to learn about ultrasound guidance in injecting deep-seated/overlapping muscles.

Dr. Wissel is married and the father of two adult children.

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