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Sent to Rose from Anna Hylander
Anna Hylander / Project Manager / Gothenburg Convention Bureau
Mässans gata 8 / Box 29 / SE-401 20 Gothenburg / Sweden
Phone: +46 31 368 40 00 / Direct: + 46 31 368 40 51
Mobile: + 46 738 09 15 40

Gothenburg image bank providing free photos and video clips on Gothenburg:
The same weblink also provides text documents on the city.

Visit Sweden (national) – filter Region “GÖTEBORG”

Gothenburg official visitor website give broad guidance; for example: (including travel and getting around)
The site is being updated on a daily basis. For instance the What’s on calendar for January 2021 will be updated end of this year

Gothenburg media & press section gives city facts, articles on what international press has written about Gothenburg and press-releases.

Any need for slides for PowerPoint we can also assist

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